Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween & Disneyland Surprises

We went to Disneyland the day after Halloween because the kids had the day off of school for Parent Teacher Conferences. And look who we ran into! I was walking off Big Thunder Mountain and there was my Aunt Laurel (from Utah) sitting on a bench. After I did a double take, I called her name and she was shocked as well. Brittany, Brooke, and Kathy were about 10 minutes behind us in the same line. This picture is us standing in line together at Indiana Jones. Brooke decided she didn't want to wait in the long line and then Tanner was told that he was too short (which we already knew) for this ride and they wouldn't even let him just wait in line with me. So by default Brooke was left with Tanner. It ended up being an hour long wait even though the sign only said 25 minutes. Tanner had the time of his life with Brooke. She bought him a cool Pirates of the Caribbean gun and an extra large rice krispy treat. When we finally got off the ride this is how we found Tanner (right next to Brooke on the wall.)
He was out and he is very heavy and I had to carry him all of the way out of the park. I couldn't for the life of me get him to wake up. Anyways it was so fun to see Laurel and the girls and fun to ride Indiana Jones with them! Thank you Brooke!

Haylie the 50's Diner Girl and Marisa as "Tigger"

Cade as "Anakin Skywalker."

Weston as a very scary T-rex.

Tanner as "Buzz Lightyear."

A bunch of very excited kids.

This is the pumpkin that Grandma and Grandpa grew. This is how thick the lid was compared to a normal size pumpkin. The seeds were enormous too. It was so much fun to carve.