Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Time = Family Time

Our first month of summer has been so much fun. We have been with our family non-stop and we have loved every minute of it. We are so grateful that we have such wonderful families. My sisters drove with their children from Chicago and Denver and we had a blast being together again. The first week of summer I spent at Girl's Camp and I had a blast. Thanks to all of the relatives that helped watch my kids while I was gone.
We spent a week at the beach with our extended family. This year was our 14th year at Newport and there were 62 of us and each year it just gets better.
They are so well behaved when they are buried!
Haylie celebrated her 11th birthday at the beach this year. Happy Birthday Haylie. We love you!
Haylie's birthday breakfast friends.
My super cool Grandma with her super cool glasses. I'm lucky to have such an awesome Grandma. She is the one responsible for all of this fun.
Haylie & Cade ran in the 4th of July 1K race.
4th of July family BBQ with the cousins.
All 12 of the Wayne Hart Grandchildren at the beach for family pictures. Remarkably they all did very well.
Sara & Kari are twins at family pictures.
Nothing is better than summer. Especially when you get to sleep over at Grandma's, eat popsicles, run through the sprinklers, and play with your cousins.
Haylie and I went to see Wicked in Hollywood for her birthday. Here she is standing in front of Michael Jackson's star on Hollywood Boulevard. I'm not a fan but no one is more famous than Michael Jackson. The funny thing is that Haylie didn't even know who Michael Jackson was.
The show was so amazing. The performances were incredible.