Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Update: Ryder Hart

 Ryder is the icing on top of the cake.
Super sweet and irresistible.
One taste and you keep coming back for more.
How did we live so long with out him?
As I was writing this update about him
he drew on the wall for the first time with blue crayon
and dumped out the sand and seashell decoration.
So I guess my perfect little baby is going to grow up.
  Ryder adapted well to being the baby of a busy, older family.
He loves the car.
If you give him the choice he will always choose the car over staying home.
He wakes up early just to join the 6 am seminary carpool with me and Haylie.
 He is very popular.
I'm not sure if he knows that he is a baby 
or if he thinks that he is a teenager.
But he definitely has more teenaged friends than baby friends.
And he is pretty good about going to any of them.
He is so easy going.  
He has the sweetest smile.
And the most beautiful little face.
I love to stare at him.
He is my little buddy.
All day long, it's just the two of us.
And I love every minute of it.
Just like with all of the other kids
from the moment I saw him I was in love
but this time it was different...
He not only had me and Matt wrapped around his finger 
he had all of these older sibling entranced as well.
Ryder is very affectionate. 
He gives kisses and hugs out freely.
And when he can sit still for a minute he will snuggle with you.
But his favorite person is his dad.
When dad is home Matt is not allowed to put him down.

He doesn't really love to read books.
I try and try again.
But he just won't sit still long enough to enjoy it.
But he does love being outside.
After the long winter, he recently was reunited with the outdoors
 and it's hard to get him to come inside.
His vocabulary is still fairly limited.
He has figured out how to say the important words like Mom, Dad, and Blanket.
When you are the youngest
you might get caught doing a few naughty things...
like carrying around your teenage sister's bra that you found in the laundry room.
Shhh...don't tell Haylie.
Having Ryder took a huge leap of faith for me and Matt.
It meant humbling ourselves and starting over with the baby stage.
We know for sure that he was meant to be in our family.
I have found so much joy from this little boy.
Straight from heaven,
he has already taught me so much
And I reminded of how much I love being a mother.
So Ryder even though it took you awhile to get here
thanks for being patient with us.
You were definitely worth the wait.
I love you little baby.

Family Updates: Tanner Henry

 Tanner is our boy who breaks the mold.
He looks different.
He acts different.
And different is refreshing...
 If everyday was the same and we all looked and acted alike
then wouldn't life be dull?
Tanner was sent to our home to teach us valuable lessons.
He is competitive, passionate, out-going, strong-willed, and a character.
 Tanner was 6 1/2 when Ryder was born. 
I was worried about him feeling sad that he wasn't the "baby" of the family any more.
I asked him how he felt about it.
He yelled, "I hated being the baby!"
This is so typical of Tanner.
As soon as he figured out that no one else had a pacifier, then he gave it up.
As soon as he figured out that no one else had a bottle, then he wouldn't use his.
As soon as he figured out that no one else sat in a high car, then he refused to sit in it.
As soon as he figured out that no one else used the stroller, then he walked.
And as soon as he figured out how to climb out of the crib he surprised me downstairs.
As you can see, he has a mind of his own. 
 Tanner is athletic.
From a very young age he was able to shoot baskets in a real 10 foot hoop.
The neighbors were amazed at his skills.
And I knew that he was just trying keep up with his big brothers!
Last week he asked me why Heavenly Father makes some people tall.
I told him that everyone is a different size and shape, 
and that we can eat healthy but you can't really help how tall you are going to be,
that was left up to Heavenly Father.
He said, "That's funny!  I wonder why He made me the tallest, strongest, and fastest 
person in my school class?"
So... we still need to work on being humble.
 Tanner doesn't love having his picture taken.
For the longest time he would tell me that he doesn't know how to smile.
Now he usually just acts silly when his picture is taken.
On the first day of Kindergarten, Tanner's teacher had her husband come in to help her.
The husband was to take a picture of the student with the parent.
It was our turn to have our picture taken.
He said 1, 2, 3, Smile.
Tanner stuck out his tongue.
The husband wasn't amused at all.
He went home and told his wife.  
In all of his years of helping he had never had a student do that.
Luckily, Cade and Weston had this same teacher so she at least knew our family.
Needless to say I was embarrassed.
 Most people don't know this about Tanner - 
He is very artistic.
He draws very detailed and original art.
He is also a perfectionist.
This can be good and bad.
 Tanner does well in school.
He loves math.
This year he figured out that there was a "smart" group of students in his class.
He made friends with them.
It became a competition to keep up with them academically.
And I say, whatever works!
 Tanner is strong and brave.
When he was small, if he would fall and actually cry then I knew that he was actually hurt
because most of the time he would get up and just shake it off.
Most people know in 2011 Tanner had two major accidents.
The first, he jumped out of the car with out me knowing while I was pulling into the garage.
I ran over his leg.
No injury.
Two months later...
He was hit by a car while riding his bike.
He broke the windshield with his helmet and dented the car and wrecked his bike.
After an ambulance ride and a night in the hospital he was released.
No serious injury... just some scrapes and a concussion.
A miracle for a strong and brave boy.
 Tanner has figured out that I have buttons 
and he likes to push them.
He has figured out that all of his family members have buttons 
and he like to push theirs too.
Sometimes he pushes them all at the same time.
 My favorite thing is when Tanner laughs.
Tanner loves to have fun.
He loves the outdoors.
He loves being busy.
He loves waking up early.
I'm thankful everyday that my Heavenly Father sent me Tanner.
He brings excitement and interest to our family.
I am in awe that I would be trusted with a spirit like Tanner.
I can't wait to see what kind of man he turns out to be.
I love you Tanner!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family Update: Weston Wayne

This boy is so special to me.
After not having a baby for more than 3 1/2 years I was thrilled to have a baby again.
He has brought us so much joy ever since.
Independent, curious, sweet, bright.
Weston loves life.
He wants to experience new things. 
He loves science and learning how things work.
We just spent two days in a hospital with Weston.  
It was spring break and we were on vacation.
He had a severe asthma attack.
It's so hard to see your child in pain.
I'm glad he is brave and that he has learned to listen to his body.
So after an ambulance ride and a lot of pokes and pain...
I am reminded how I love his smile and just how patient he is.
He doesn't mind being alone.  
Even as a little child he would sometimes wander off on his own and play.
And sometimes he would just wander off and get lost.
The ultimate Peacemaker.
Middle child...
Puts up with a lot from the older siblings to the younger ones.
He is a sensitive boy who wants to make good choices.
Life is all about food for Weston.
No meals will be skipped.
And he will make sure that there is an adequate dessert for all occasions.
Loves his cousins!
They are his best friends.
He would be happy if they all lived next door.
He has cheeks that are pretty much impossible not to pinch.  
And even though I might be biased..
He has the most beautiful eyes.
I have a feeling that he will be a ladies man.
There is nothing I wouldn't do for this smile.
It melts me. 
The secret is that I've always had a hard time punishing him for anything...
I mean just look at that smile
 and he can produce crocodile tears with a snap of a finger.
 He was born on 8.8 and weighed 8.8.
I think he is lucky.
Weston loves money.  
He wants to earn money...
He wants to spend money...
He love souvenir gift shops. 
Once he sees something that he wants then there is no holding him back.  
It's like the money is really burning a hole in his pocket.
He loves buying books but not necessarily to read.
He will often just lose it at church and he will be giggling so hard.  
I have to make him leave the pew and go get a drink of water so that he can gain control.
His laugh is so contagious. 
I'm still not sure how to punish a child who is laughing.
What a blessing his zest for life is in our home.
How grateful I am for a little slice of heaven that came to influence me.
 Weston you make me smile each and every day.
I love you!