Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just three more days!

We went to the beach yesterday and we can't wait until school is out so we can have more days like these.
Surfer girl Haylie. It is so much fun to watch her stand up on that board.Happy Father's Day to Matt! The kids have so much fun surfing with him. Even Weston can ride a wave all the way in. Weston loves the water and isn't afraid to keep on trying.
Mormon Night at the Angel Game.

Haylie had fun sitting next to her friend Madalyn at the game. She came up to say "HI" a few times and to get money for a treat but for the most part it was much more fun to sit next to a friend than her brothers.
I came downstairs last week to find Tanner like this. It must be exhausting eating chips and dip. (This picture is not staged.)
Weston at his final Kindergarten performance. We can't believe he is about to be a big first grader.
Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He's a Champion

Cade's team, the Notre Dame Fight'in Irish, took home the Championship last night. It was really fun to watch them play and the final score was 20-7. Cade had a couple of really great hits in the game along with some awesome defense on the field. Congratulations #44!
Grandma & Grandpa showed up to cheer Cade on.
All 6 of us in one photo. This must be a special occasion.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Go Cade!

Cade asked me to put this on my blog and of course I can't tell him no. Tomorrow night Cade plays in the Championship game for his division of our local Little League. We are so proud of him and have had so much fun watching him enjoy this season of baseball. This is the first time as parents that any of our kids have made it this far in any sport. Matt and I were both lucky enough to play in Championship games as kids and I remember being nervous before the game started but I think I feel the same now. I am the scorekeeper for Cade's team and on Saturday we had a real nail bitter. His team was down early, 0-7. And they made an amazing come back to win the game 9-8. By the end of the game I had a hard time writing straight lines in the book because I felt shaky. It's almost embarrassing to admit that I was that into it but it was just so exciting. Have fun playing tomorrow night Cade and I hope you can remember this for a long time! Go Irish!