Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reunion in London

 Our bags were packed and I was a little nervous to be flying to London with just Haylie.  But it couldn't have been more smooth.  There was Tim waiting for us in the Heathrow airport and then we had our first experience on the tube in London.  The Picadilly line and the Jubilee line.  So much fun to ride the public transportation.  It's the best way to people watch.

 We were so happy to see Tim, Tanya, Marisa, and Natalie.  We have missed them so much.  We spent the first afternoon touring Greenwich which is their local neighborhood.  I love where they lived.  So much to look at and really beautiful.  And they have a great flat with the most amazing views.
 Haylie modeling in Greenwich Park.  In the back ground is the equestrian stands being set up for the Olympics.  
 Spectacular views from the park.  

 This is the prime meridian which runs right through the park.
 Next we stopped by a quaint local candy shop.  I loved looking at all of the unique candy and the really cool packaging.
 Tanya walked us through the local market.  It was a fun place to enjoy some of the local artists talents.

 For dinner Tim met us at a restaurant that was right along the Thames River.  It was such a fun first day.  It was more fun to be with the Hart family and we were so glad to be given the chance to visit them.  More details to come...