Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to Cali

Now that school is back in I feel like I have some time to catch up on what we did this summer. We had the best summer! We were able to see so much family and visit a lot of great places.
Haylie turned 14 while we were in California. We spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp. Haylie is such a great young girl, really just the perfect daughter.
We had so much fun seeing our cousins, even though we live by them now. But it was fun to hang out with them in the early morning hours. We had fun seeing our "old" friends and catching up with them. We miss our California buddies.
Oh how we love California. We were able to go back for a visit in June/July. It was strange to be a visitor instead of living there. Everything felt so comfortable, normal, easy, and familiar. More on the beach house in another post.

Ryder at 9 months

Ok so I know people always say that time goes by so quickly but really the past nine months have flown by.My favorite part of any day is watching my big kids interact with Ryder. All of the kids call him "baby" and it is just so cute.
He literally lights up when the kids come home from school. Sometimes is just goes crazy with excitement.
We often have to tell Tanner to stop tickling him.
I've also enjoyed that Ryder has not reached any milestones too quickly. I think he enjoys being the baby. He still has no teeth. And he is barely starting to figure out the crawling thing. I'd love to keep him young forever.
I love this serious face.
This guy spend a lot of his day in the car. Only appropriate that he is driving one.
When I think about how much our lives have changed in the past nine months all I can do is smile. A new baby, a new house, a new state, a new life.
One of the Young Women at church took all of these pictures. What a talented young lady.