Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It doesn't get any better than this!

Tanner was shooting off a rocket in the bathroom and Ryder loved it!  I just love my kids!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Party

One month ago my mom turned 60! The sisters that live here in Colorado planned a party for her.  My mom and dad flew out for the weekend.  The weather did not cooperate but we had a great time.  The party was on Saturday night followed by a sleep over.  It was fun to have everyone spend the night and be together in the morning too. 

 The decorations were 50's style since she was born in 1951.  
 The adults enjoying some ambiance while eating in a room separate from the kids.  We had a Cafe Rio style meal.  It turned out delicious.  And we even had enough leftovers for the next day.
 Kids awaiting for the party to start!

 Carin was in charge of the games.  It was so much fun.  One game was family feud.  And of course it was boys vs. girls.  This is Haylie and Cade trying to hit the buzzer first.  The questions were all about mom and we had answered the questions a few weeks before.  It was fun to hear what everyone thought about mom.

 Time for presents!  All of the kids crowded around to watch her open the gifts.  It was just like at a little kids party when everyone wants to see what the birthday person is opening up.
 We made my mom a Shutterfly book.  The book was "The 60 things we know and love about mom!"
Happy 60th birthday mom.  We love you!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last month Matt's parents came for a visit.  We had so much fun with them here.  On Saturday afternoon we went to a local pumpkin patch.  It was the best pumpkin patch I've ever been to.  There were so many different activities.  We had fun going through a corn maze.  This was something I had never done before.  Everyone got to pick out their own pumpkin.  Haylie wasn't with us because she was busy getting ready for the Homecoming dance.


So I'm a little behind with my blogging so I'm hoping to catch up.

Haylie wanted to go to Homecoming with some of her friends from church.  I knew it was going to be hard to find something modest.  I thought Haylie looked beautiful and I am so grateful that she knows who she is and that she had enough confidence to be beautiful and modest.