Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Three in London: Sabbath day, Picadilly Circus and some OJ

Day three in London:  The sabbath day.  We started out by going to church.  Tim and Tanya take the bus to church.  When they get off the bus they still have a bit of a walk.  This was a fun way to travel to church.  I love going to church on vacation and this experience did not disappoint.  
It was a great ward.

After church we needed to do some sight seeing.  
And we were off to Picadilly Circus.

 Regent Street was getting ready for the Olympics.  
It was really cool to see all of the flags of the world flying over head.

 This was my favorite cake in a bakery window.  
So amazing.
 Cute Marisa and Natalie starring at the yummy treats in the window.
 I went inside the bakery to get a picture of their faces and I totally got busted.
Oops!  I guess that's not allowed.
 Here were some London fashionistas! 
Check out those pants.
Good people watching all around.

 This is what it looked like when we were hanging out in the flat. 
By the way, Tim, you look like such a cry baby in the picture above.  Haha
We did so much talking...
And as a side note we didn't sleep much.
We stayed up way too late each night talking but we solved the worlds problems.

 Trafalga Square was closed to set up for the Olympics.
This is about as close as we got.

 This is a funny story, before we went home we got some treats at the grocery store.
Tanya bought this OJ because she loves juice.
Once we left the store she had a drink and gagged on it.  She couldn't believe how gross it was.
Everyone else took a drink too and thought the same thing.
Then I took a drink, I agreed it was gross.
Then I looked at the label.  It was OJ concentrate.  
So funny!
 Riding on the tube with the family were some of my favorite times. 

 We are almost back to the flat.
Just up the hill a little more.
 At the end of the night we stood outside the local pub to watch the big soccer game on TV.
This was entertaining.  
We met a drunk man who seemed to have a limited vocabulary- bad, and crude words.
I'll never forget watching the soccer game here.  
 Thanks Tim and Tanya for letting us visit and for being our tour guides and cooks.
Day three was another success!

 Stay tuned!
Day four takes us to Paris!


Tim said...

Cry baby!?!? More like teenage heartthrob.

Also, you better watch what you say. You don't want me reposting that instagram picture.

shannon said...

How the British love their concentrate! Whole aisles! Oh and I love your sibling banter!