Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Two in London - Markets and a Reunion

Day two in London started early. 
 Tim and Tanya were so smart to get us to the Portobella Market early before all of the other tourists.  I loved walking down these streets and looking around at all of the vendors things.  Haylie found a cute purse and I  bought some fruit and bread.  As we were leaving people were just streaming in and we were off to the next adventure.  
Sara and Mike were landing at this point and it was just going to be a couple more hours until we saw them.  I was really excited.

The Borough Market was so much fun.  It sits right under the train tracks and the ambiance is very unique.  We walked around to see everything before we bought much for lunch.  
I got fish and chips.

 And we bought a couple different types of PESTO!
  This was the most delicious thing ever.
We bought the red and green pestos.  
We ate this deliciousness on several occasions during the week.  
We bought enough food for the incoming travelers and we meet them back at Tim and Tanya's flat.  
It was a feast and a reunion!
The three siblings reunited after way too long.  
I really miss living close to these two friends.
 After lunch and talking we were off to see the sights of London. 
First Big Ben. 
We walked up the stairs from the tube and there it was.  
Haylie turned around and shouted "WOW" very loudly.  
It was a great tourist moment.

 Westminster Abbey was closed.  
But we walked the grounds and went in the gift shop.
We came back later in the week.
 Mike and Natalie found a very comfortable bench to rest on for a few moments.

 Behind Westminster Abbey is this small street with the most beautiful homes.  
It was actually quiet in there too. 
The sounds of the city were muffled a bit.  

 This is the entrance and exit to that small street.
So very charming.

 Of course there were a few classic red phone booth pictures taken while on our stroll through London!

 This was a fun break that we took on a park bench on our was to see the Queen.  
I saw an empty park bench in the distance and I ran to get it.
The pregnant Sara beat me to the bench because she cheated.  
She took a short cut on the grass and I was polite and stayed on the sidewalk.
Whatever, I guess all that matters is that we got the bench.

 Buckingham Palace was interesting.  
There were people demonstrating and they climbed the gates with signs. 
So the whole area was blocked off by police man.
This was about as close as we got.  
 The police ended up bringing in crane type looking equipment to remove the demonstrators.
 The last stop for the day was the London Eye.
The picture above is Haylie inside the ride being very scared.
She takes after her Grandma Donna and she doesn't like ferris wheels. 
I don't understand, but it took her a while to enjoys these views.
Finally on the way down she opened her eyes.
 I mean look at these views.
And this cute couple too.
 I think at this point we were exhausted but it was such a fun day!
Sara, Mike and Haylie do you remember those delicious  caramelized nuts that we bought on the bridge when we left the London eye?
We should have bought more!  


Sara said...

Oh my, this was so much fun. What a glorious reunion. And of course I remember those nuts. Mike and I went back for more on our last day in London because we couldn't stop thinking about them all week.

Tanya Hart said...

haha Haylie cracks me up. I hate ferris wheel rides too but London Eye was no bother.
I love the picture of you and Haylie and Sara in front of the Abbey.
Good times! It was so fun having you guys.

Mandi Peo said...

Yay you are back with blogging! Love these London posts. Looks like you all had the best time!